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Having your satisfaction as our priority, we are the first in the Adriatic to have introduced a VIP concierge. Allow us to meet your every need and desire and make your stay pleasant, carefree and memorable.

Whether it is about the delivery of flowers to the boat, delivery of food or organized transportation, excursions, visits to sights … your every wish will be approached individually, professionally and thoroughly.
Make the most of your free time to enjoy because your personal concierge and a specialized team of experts will take care of everything else.
Contact us and experience a new level of service, efficiency and professionalism.

Our VIP Concierge offers you also:

 Before arrival to marina:

  • Complete cleaning of the boat
  • Laundry (linens and clothes)
  • Switching on ventilation and air conditioning, ignition light and music on boat

Arrival at the marina:

  • Transportation of guests and their luggage from airport to the marina with a luxury car
  • Transfer of guests and their luggage from the vehicle to the boat with a club car
  • Drink and ice on board
  • Supply of food and beverages
  • Flower decoration on board

During Your stay in the marina:

  • Organization of complete dinner on board (food, drinks, live music on board)
  • Recruitment of nannies
  • Arranging appointments for different cosmetic and hairdressing services
  • Making your appointment (doctor, dentist, veterinarian)
  • Other services (procurement of medicines, cloth repairs, courier services, translation services)


  • Transfer with a boat, car
  • Tickets for events
  • Recommendation and booking: Accommodation, berth, Restaurants, Clubs and Casinos
  • Finding a crew
  • Diving course
  • Trip organization – rafting, canyoning, canoening, scuba diving, sea kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking & road cycling, windsurfing, organized excursions and private tours at attractions.
  • Renting a sport equipment

Our team

  • natasa


  • ivan



Mob: 00385 (0) 91 28 000 24

A Terminal

B Terminal

  • 1Pontoons (A1- A4)
  • 2Glorijet Lounge bar
  • 3Swimming pool
  • 4Restaurant Yachtclub
  • 5Reception, ATM, Taxi, Transfers & Rent a Car
  • 6Luggage storage
  • 7Boat sales
  • 8Wine shop
  • 9Minimarket
  • 10Service & Nautic Shop
  • 11Parking
  • 12Toilet for boat owners
  • 13Self-service laundry
  • 14Garbage
  • 15Breakfast & lunch tent
  • 16Crane
  • 1Pontoons (B1- B6)
  • 2Reception, Apartments, Taxi, Transfers & Rent a Car
  • 3Luggage storage
  • 4Parking only for guests of the apartment
  • 5Garbage
  • 6Charter - Yacht centar Baotić
  • 7Market
  • 8Pizzeria
  • 9Toilets & showers for charter guests
  • 10Charters (Miramo, Dream Yacht Charter, Smart Sail, Free Wave, Jadranka Yachting, Helios Stratos, AMS Yachting, Wimmer Yachting, Blue Sail, Yacht&Fun, Navigare)
  • 11Travel lift
  • 12Boat gas station