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  • In case that the condition of the vessel is not in accordance with the safety criteria, Marina Baotić reserves the right not to enter into a lease contract of the berth and cannot be held responsible for the costs of arrival



8mps W


Business hours

Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 16:00
*Opening hours are periodically changed, please contact us for updated information.


Tel: 00385 (0) 21 798 182

A Terminal

B Terminal

  • 1Pontoons (A1- A4)
  • 2Glorijet Lounge bar
  • 3Swimming pool
  • 4Restaurant Yachtclub
  • 5Reception, ATM, Taxi, Transfers & Rent a Car
  • 6Luggage storage
  • 7Boat sales
  • 8Wine shop
  • 9Minimarket
  • 10Service & Nautic Shop
  • 11Parking
  • 12Toilet for boat owners
  • 13Self-service laundry
  • 14Garbage
  • 15Breakfast & lunch tent
  • 16Crane
  • 1Pontoons (B1- B6)
  • 2Reception, Apartments, Taxi, Transfers & Rent a Car
  • 3Luggage storage
  • 4Parking only for guests of the apartment
  • 5Garbage
  • 6Charter - Yacht centar Baotić
  • 7Market
  • 8Pizzeria
  • 9Toilets & showers for charter guests
  • 10Charters (Miramo, Dream Yacht Charter, Smart Sail, Free Wave, Jadranka Yachting, Helios Stratos, AMS Yachting, Wimmer Yachting, Blue Sail, Yacht&Fun, Navigare)
  • 11Travel lift
  • 12Boat gas station