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Pursuant to Article 83 of the Law of the Maritime Domain and Seaports, director of the Nautical Center Trogir Ltd. Zeljko Baotić, on 01st of April 2014 the following



These Regulations prescribe the terms and manner of maintaining order in Marina Baotić of Nautical center Trogir Ltd. (hereinafter: Marina)

These rules apply to the entire territory (land and sea) in accordance with the Concession Agreement on the maritime domain in order to build and use special purpose ports-ports of nautical tourism of I category-marina in the part of Okrug Gornji, district Barbušinac concluded between the Split-Dalmatia County and Nautical Centre trogir Ltd.

Regulations on maintenance of order in the Marina will be on display at the reception desk and other suitable locations in Marina.

Order in Marina is carried out by Management of Nautical Centre Trogir Ltd. and by its authorized person.

Order in the port is confirmed by the Port Authority.



In Marina a spot to moor (hereinafter: moor) is determined by authorized person of Marina.

For safety reasons, or some other cause, the Marina reserves the right to move the vessel without the prior consent of the owner of the vessel.


Vessel entering or sailing out cannot sail faster than 3 knots in the sea area of Marina, otherwise is responsible for the damage caused to Marina and other users of the Marina.

By entering the Marina, the Master of the vessel is obliged to announce entering (by telephone or radio telephone on VHF channel 17), and the Marina Authority will issue rules on entering.

Master of the vessel must have valid sailing permission issued by the Port Authority or appropriate document that allows navigation in accordance with the Regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

Master of the vessel is obliged to register the vessel’s arrival to the sailor or in his absence at the reception desk of the Marina without delay, providing valid vessel documents and personal documents of crew members and fill the Application form for each person on the vessel.

The owner of the vessel, who made with Marina an Agreement on mooring use or master of the vessel is obliged to report to the reception desk of Marina the equipment that is on board on “Inventory List” and attach documentation of ownership. Note: Inventory lists should be updated in the procurement or installation of new equipment and other documents at the expiration of the old ones and the extension.

By sailing out for a period longer than one day, master of vessel must announce his departure (personal, by phone or radio). Otherwise, the Marina cannot guarantee a free moor.


On arrival at the Marina by the land, by towing vehicle and vessel on a trailer, the master must report his arrival on the reception desk.

The reception desk will be ordered by the master of the vessel to open work order for launching the vessel into the sea, or provide place on the land.

Master of the vessel must obtain from the Port Authority sailing permittion, or vignette, if the vessel is placed on the sea moor, and is also obligated to present all the necessary documents and fill out the Application form (GUEST REGISTRATION) for each person.


Vessels are moored according to the Marina system and they should be moored safely, with the proper ropes of appropriate dimensions. The aft mooring ropes and mooring are responsibility of the vessel’s owner.

Master of the vessel is not allowed to moor the vessel in the spot which was not approved by the sailor or other authorized person in the Marina.

The Master of the vessel is responsible for own damage and damage to other persons caused by the occasion of entering, mooring or sailing out of the Marina regardless the instructions of sailors which place was designated for mooring.

The Master of the vessel must moor a vessel at an appropriate distance from the floating objects, otherwise the Marina does not have responsibility.

Mooring ropes should not interfere with the navigation of other vessels. It is not permitted to place buoys.

For the safety of all vessels specifically is prohibited the use of mooring chains rather than aft ropes.

In the Marina is prohibited anchoring of vessels. Exceptionally, the Marina Authority may permit the temporary anchoring of vessels, if there is reasonable cause.

For safety reasons, the Marina Authority can in certain situations (weather conditions, fire of other vessels, sinking of vessels etc.) take measures to protect the vessel. The measures taken are on the charge of the vessel’s owner.

Vessel’s owner / Master is obliged to keep the vessel in a proper and watertight condition.

While in Marina the pool is used on own responsibility.


The Master of the vessel is responsible for the correctness of its vessels, as well as for the safety and seaworthiness of navigation, on the whole area of the Marina, for the entire duration of its stay in the Marina.

During its stay in the Marina, vessel must be marked by the name and registration number. Any change of name and registration number must be recorded in the documents and reported to the reception desk.

The Master of the vessel, who with Marina made an Agreement on the use of the moor, by each arrival of the vessel must report it at the reception desk and submit personal documents of the crew, for guest registration. Tourist tax will be charged by a flat rate at the Port Authority according to the Law on tourist taxes.

The Master of the vessel may include connections to the electrical and plumbing installations, only if the vessel possesses the correct installation customized to Croatian standards and if he or any of the crew is on board. During the temporary absence of the crew from the vessel, while the vessel is in the Marina, connections must be disconnected. If the user fails to disconnect them the Marina is authorized to do it.

The vessel operator is obliged to equip the vessel with fire extinguishers which will effectively act on the vessel itself.

If the vessel remains permanently moored in the Marina, the user of the vessel is obliged to deliver spare keys at the reception desk and only in emergencies, when the vessel is in danger or threatened by another vessel, the Marina is allowed to use those keys to enter the vessel, in order to minimize the possible damage.

Work on the vessel (sanding, painting, etc.), in order to protect other vessels, are permitted only on the basis of contract in certain, for that purpose marked places in the Marina, and the area in which the work is performed on the vessel, is to be completely clean before leaving the area, otherwise the Marina will charge the cost of cleaning.


When the Master of the vessel leaves the Marina, the vessel must be disconnected from electrical and plumbing installations.

Likewise, the master of the vessel must close all valves that are on the underwater hull.

Whenever leaving the Marina, Master of the vessel must leave the moor in a proper way.

On sailing out the Marina owner / Master should not leave the keys on the board in any case, otherwise the Marina is not responsible for possible damage.

When leaving the Marina by land, any lifting and loading of the vessel is performed by the reception desk.

If the vessel, for which there is an Agreement on the use of the moor, is leaving Marina permanently, owner / Master must register it to the reception desk, and the Agreement on the use of the moor cancel in written form and before its departure from Marina pay all the services at the current price list, otherwise, the Marina can keep the vessel till the debt is settled.



In Marina it is prohibited:

  • To open fire and all flammable resources.
  • To glide, swim, surf, fish, dive,
  • To enter the official premises in unsuitable clothing or topless.
  • To release the dogs off the leash, as well as disruption of other guests with their barking, and to enter with pets in enclosed spaces of the Marina.
  • To hang laundry on premises.
  • To dispose the garbage off the particular place in the Marina.
  • To wash dishes in the toilet.
  • To keep vessels, surf boards, etc. attached to the vessel.
  • To mount and keep any items on piers and other area of the Marina.
  • To place signs, advertisements and other messages and the use of any space of the Marina for commercial purposes.
  • To disturbe the peace of other guests.
  • To make noise from 10p.m. till 8a.m.
  • To move in the vicinity of the crane.
  • To disrupt the movement of the vechicles and hydraulic carts on busy routes.
  • To leave apparatus on gas , electrical energy or plumbing installation opened, without presence of user.
  • To keep motors of the vessel opened except when entering or sailing out .
  • To move the vessel to another moor without permission of the Marina Authority.
  • To engage other persons for inspection, maintenance or servicing the vessel, without consent of the Marina Authority.
  • To do actions on the vessel that could endanger human lives, cause a fire, pollute the sea or damage ships, boats, coast, port equipment and facilities.
  • To use own vessel stands on land moor.
  • To park personal cars, trailers, buses, caravans, motorcycles, bicycles and other means of transport, except on marked parking places. Illegally parked vehicles will be removed at the expense of the owner.
  • To camp.
  • To borrow parking card,
  • as well as producing any other actions that would disturb other users of Marina or cause damage to the Marina


In the Marina is not allowed to use the toilet without using a black tank.

Waste oil and filters, oil, detergent, municipal and other waste must be disposed according to the type of waste in ecological containers on marked spots in the Marina.

Anyspillsandtossinto the sea ispunishable.

The vessel operator is obliged to put eco-sponges in the bilge of the vessel.

In the Marina is allowed to use biodegradable detergent. The discharge of the toilet in the Marina’s basin is prohibited.

In the case of the major pollution Marina will determine the cause, take measures to prevent pollution by employees responsible for this type of activity, remove the vessel to protect the environment, people and vessels, notify the Port Authority and other competent state bodies and charge the cause of it.


The loss of the owner’s annual card will be charged according to the current price list.

The abuse of the parking card will be charged according to the current price list.

For lack of parking card when paying the parking, the price of four (4) weeks of parking in the Marina will be charged.

Parking the vechicles on the Marina parking place is on own responsibility and the Marina is not responsible for possible damages.

The use of electricity and water in camp houses on the spot of the Marina will be charged according to the current price list.


The work with crane is performed on the operating area, clearly marked by signs. The Master of the vessel, as well as other persons who are not authorized in the Marina, are not authorized in any case to access the operating area of the crane.

The crane is handled exclusively by qualified persons of the Marina or a qualified person from another company, authorized by the Marina Authority.

The Master of the vessel before lifting must warn the person handling the crane on the equipment in the underwater part of the vessel and provide accurate information about the position of it. Failing this, the Marina cannot be responsible for potential damages.

Orders for crane services are to be announced at least two days earlier at the reception desk of the Marina and crane will be charged according to the current price list.

Marina reserves the right to cancel the announced vessel lifting when due to weather conditions, or the characteristics of the vessel there is a risk that the lifting vessel is not safe.


In the Marina is not allowed to hire other person to maintain (sanding, painting underwater parts, etc.) or service vessels, without the prior consent of the Marina Authority. Other persons engaged by the owner of the vessel must be announced at the reception desk, with authorization /approval of the vessel owner. If other person is registered as a crew member he must submit a valid documentation on board.

Each entry of foreign service personnel must be registered at the reception desk of the Marina.

The fee for entering foreign service and its work is defined by the current price list.

Opening hours of the foreign service is from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. Uptime is only possible with the approval of the Marina Authority.


Control over the application of these Regulations is performed by Authority or the person authorized by them and surveillance is carried out by Port Authority.

Due to non-compliance with the provisions of these Regulations, the Marina is authorized by the competent authority to stop offering their services and charge any possible damage from the responsible user, except for official punishment, which will be charged by Port Authority.

Control of entering, berthing, mooring and sailing out of the vessels and ships in the Marina is operated by sailors.

Control listed in the preceding paragraph of this article shall be done from 0 till 24 hours visually, by VHF and video surveillance.


All the amendments resulting from changes to the legislation, will be posted on the notice boards of the Marina and will form an integral part of these Regulations.

The approval at these Regulations gave the competent authority:

PORT AUTHORITY TROGIR, which supervises the implementation of the order in the Marina.





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