Within marina Baotić there is a sales office where you can find a great selection of used and new boats. The sales department is at your disposal for expert advice and assistance in all phases of purchasing a new vessel.

We are importers and distributors of vessels from renowned companies from around the world: Sealine, Bavaria, Galeon, Williams, Axopar and Invictus.

Our area of operation: Germany, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary.

We are at your disposal in case you may have questions about the financing, customs, leasing, service and all other stages of buying a new boat.

We are specialized in buying and selling used vessels as well. We offer a great selection of sailboats, motor yachts and catamarans with top quality equipment and excellent preservation. Take a look at our offer and contact us for all your queries.

Charter management

Want to become the owner of the ship in an affordable way? The solution is: CHARTERMANAGEMENT.
If you are not sure whether you want to bear the costs of the vessel by yourselves we offer you an opportunity to cover a large part of the costs with our chartermanagement program. The way of doing business in the chartermanagement is very simple. After purchasing the vessel, you hand it over to us for utilization and maintenance. We will rent your vessel and share the profit with you.

Affordable way in becoming the owner of the boat.

On your behalf we take care of:

  • All the necessary promotional activities in order to render the booking for your vessel as better as possible (appearance at over 15 international trade fairs, printing of the brochures and catalogues, website, ads in the nautic magazines, …)
  • Cooperation with other travel agencies regarding additional booking
  • Monitoring of reservations, payments, check in, check out,…
  • Organizing and collecting the complete documentation necessary to legally rent a vessel in Croatia (concessions, registration, registration of vessels in the boat registry, …) and taking care of paying other costs related to the vessel (embroidery, insurance)
  • Regulation of damage with the charterers up to the agreed gross amount
  • Regular maintenance, cleaning and surveillance of the vessels even during the winter season

You can use your vessel with us without restrictions. All it takes is to look at the booking list, select the date and book it at the starting marina.

For any additional information, our professional staff at the marina is at your disposal.

Our team

  • R Zlatko Stiblik P


  • _MG_8961-2


  • Ivan_Grabovac


Business hours

Mon –Fri: 8:00 – 16:00
Opening hours are periodically changed, please contact us for updated information.


Tel. 00 385 (0) 21 880 795

M: 00 91 28 000 45 – Ivan Grabovac
M: 00 91 28 000 20 – Zlatko Stiblik

We offer new and used boats from the following manufacturers:

A Terminal

B Terminal

  • 1Pontoons (A1- A4)
  • 2Glorijet Lounge bar
  • 3Swimming pool
  • 4Restaurant Yachtclub
  • 5Reception, ATM, Taxi, Transfers & Rent a Car
  • 6Luggage storage
  • 7Boat sales
  • 8Wine shop
  • 9Minimarket
  • 10Service & Nautic Shop
  • 11Parking
  • 12Toilet for boat owners
  • 13Self-service laundry
  • 14Garbage
  • 15Breakfast & lunch tent
  • 16Crane
  • 1Pontoons (B1- B6)
  • 2Reception, Apartments, Taxi, Transfers & Rent a Car
  • 3Luggage storage
  • 4Parking only for guests of the apartment
  • 5Garbage
  • 6Charter - Yacht centar Baotić
  • 7Market
  • 8Pizzeria
  • 9Toilets & showers for charter guests
  • 10Charters (Miramo, Dream Yacht Charter, Smart Sail, Free Wave, Jadranka Yachting, Helios Stratos, AMS Yachting, Wimmer Yachting, Blue Sail, Yacht&Fun, Navigare)
  • 11Travel lift
  • 12Boat gas station