Apartment 6, Limun,

Floor plan of Room 6 Limun

Floor plan of Room 6 Limun

Living room
WiFi, TV, AC.
Limun  33   2+1 (3)  1  1  –  *  *  *
1 bedroom with King Size bed. 1 bathroom with toilet and shower. Air condition. Balcony with sunbeds.

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A Terminal

B Terminal

  • 1Pontoons (A1- A4)
  • 2Glorijet Lounge bar
  • 3Swimming pool
  • 4Restaurant Yachtclub
  • 5Reception, ATM, Taxi, Transfers & Rent a Car
  • 6Luggage storage
  • 7Boat sales
  • 8Wine shop
  • 9Minimarket
  • 10Service & Nautic Shop
  • 11Parking
  • 12Toilet for boat owners
  • 13Self-service laundry
  • 14Garbage
  • 15Breakfast & lunch tent
  • 16Crane
  • 1Pontoons (B1- B6)
  • 2Reception, Apartments, Taxi, Transfers & Rent a Car
  • 3Luggage storage
  • 4Parking only for guests of the apartment
  • 5Garbage
  • 6Charter - Yacht centar Baotić
  • 7Market
  • 8Pizzeria
  • 9Toilets & showers for charter guests
  • 10Charters (Miramo, Dream Yacht Charter, Smart Sail, Free Wave, Jadranka Yachting, Helios Stratos, AMS Yachting, Wimmer Yachting, Blue Sail, Yacht&Fun, Navigare)
  • 11Travel lift
  • 12Boat gas station

We are...

Marina Baotić is a part of the Baotić affiliation which began operating 30 years ago in the automotive industry. Constantly investing, having a clear business strategy, making prudent investments, helped us become a leading sales and maintenance company for the following car brands: Renault, Dacia, Nissan, Volvo and Subaru. Upon reaching a high level of quality in the automobile industry and by strategic investment the business expanded to the nautical segment. In 2010 we opened the most modern marina in Croatia in Seget Donji near Trogir, which covers more than 22,000 m2 of its own space and 100,000 m2 of space in the concession. The marina is open throughout the year and currently has 400 berths in the sea and on land. Several outlets, two service and one charter base, two marinas, a charter fleet, a restaurant, make Baotić as one of the largest and most comprehensive service providers related to nautical tourism.